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Machine Learning

Machine learning provides machines the capability to automatically learn and improve from the experience without being programmed explicitly. It is an AI based application that is capable of finding patterns in large amounts of data. The process of making machines learn and understand begins with data or observations. Instructions are given to look for patterns in data and make decisions based on the results obtained or data gathered. All the learning is done without any human intervention or assistance in any of the actions. AI and machine learning are known for their potential in transforming several businesses. The ML methods play an important role in making machines intelligent. Our ML methods are described below.

Machine Learning Methods

While conducting the Machine Learning process, algorithms like supervised, unsupervised etc. are used. A single algorithm is not capable of performing all the tasks or the solutions you might look for. Mainly, there are four approaches used: Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Semi-supervised Learning and Reinforcement Learning. Popular machine learning algorithms are: Decision Tree, SVM, Linear Regression, Naive Bayes, k-means, Random Forest etc.

Supervised Learning: These algorithms are applied on the data gathered in the past using labeled examples to predict the future events. The training data consists of inputs that are paired with the correct outputs. During training, the machines are taught to generate the particular result on finding patterns in the data with the desired outputs.

Unsupervised Learning: It refers to training the machines with the information that is neither labeled or classified. This allows the algorithm to perform the tasks without any guidance. The unsorted information is grouped according to the similarities, differences and patterns without any previous data training. Many machine learning companies including us, use this algorithm to attain precision in results.

Semi-supervised Learning: This algorithm works on the combination of labeled and unlabeled data. Large amount of data is unlabeled while only a small data is labeled. Using an unsupervised algorithm, the similar data is clustered first. After that, the existing labeled data is used to label the rest of the unlabeled data. Applications of semi-supervised learning include speech analysis, internet content classification etc.

Reinforcement Learning: In this learning, reinforcement agents are the force behind training the system. The machines learn from the experience through reward that enhances the possibility of certain outputs. This means the output or decision is independently taken by machines. All we do is give labels to the sequences of dependent decisions. There are two types of reinforcement: Positive and negative

How Webtunix’s Machine Learning Services Benefit you

Webtunix AI is the established AI Machine Learning platform that prepares interactive and efficient ML models as per your needs. ML is a part of the advanced AI technology that is revolutionizing today’s tasks. The only aim or purpose of using machine learning is to achieve and increase accuracy in results. The task performance is enhanced on using ML through gained past experiences. In this modern era, here’s how machine learning benefits your businesses:

Prediction of Customer Behavior: ML helps in analyzing customer behavior, purchasing patterns and other such valuable insights. ML is capable of highlighting the data based findings much accurately and quickly than humans. It also assists companies in improving their customer demand prediction.

End to menial tasks: Errors that are possible with manual tasks like data entry etc. are eliminated with machine learning services offered by us. Time and money of the company are also saved along with the benefit of incomparable accuracy. Companies can look forward to more improvements and productivity by channeling more time and resources to other profitable activities.

Sale Opportunities Increased: To increase sales, it is important to look for the marketing issues, to target the right audience with the right product and make decisions for the betterment. ML lets you attain insights into aspects like products, sales, services of customer’s interest etc.

Insightful Business Intelligence: Business success lies in knowing your strengths and comparing it with your competitors. In short, a clear vision helps run business with efficiency. All the available data is analyzed perfectly with our high-quality ML algos designed to give personalized recommendations to customers for retaining their interest for a longer period.

Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is the key to the real success in any business. ML automation leads to your customer problem-solving wait times and brings faster solutions. Customer’s gained interest is essential for any business in the long run.

Chatbots for client assistance: Chatbots built by our expert developers using ML algorithms are capable of understanding, processing and answering the client queries. They can handle multiple users at a time and provide customized and more personalized experience to the users.

Risk Reduction & Fraud Identification: There is always a risk factor in business when it comes to market prediction or decision making. Machine learning as a part of our service is focused on helping financial markets with calculated risks. A large amount of data can be analyzed in a better way than humans with machine learning. With multiple online payment and money transfer options, fraudsters also get a chance to peek into the secretive information. ML plays an active role in minimizing these risks with its high-level security and early-stage fraud detection capability.