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Data Reinforcement & Categorization

We provide data reinforcement and categorization services for you. We provide you all services that perfectly suit all your enterprise related needs. That includes training data to making work the unstructured data like text, videos and images for ML (Machine Learning).

Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction from every end. Whether it is personal or business data, reinforcement and categorization are done effectively and efficiently by us. Let’s first move on what exactly is data reinforcement.

Data Reinforcement

Reinforcement happens in the area of Machine Learning. It means taking a suitable action to maximize reward in a situation. In a particular situation, software and machines take the decision. Without a trained dataset, experience helps in taking the decision. Data is trained on the basis of input. The model keeps training itself , continues to learn. The best solution is decided based on the maximum rewards received.

Categorization or Classification

In categorization, the class of given data points is predicted. By classes, we sometimes mean labels, targets or categories. The models are trained by us to quickly and accurately detect and track objects and label them as per their categories.

Use Cases

There are many features and benefits of doing the data reinforcement and categorization. We provide best in-class services to let you make the most of our services to boost your productivity in general and in business to attract maximum profits.

Data Collection

We help all your businesses to collect data in the form of URLs, save them with us and make it readily available for you to be used anytime later on. We do the categorization on the basis of business, size, location etc. and annotate data accordingly. We can achieve marvelous results for your business.

Product Categorization

We also help you in product categorization. Some products may lack the metadata which you require essentially for search experience. We are capable of annotating your products successfully to make every task attainable for you. With us, unlimited data can be collected, especially the relevant one. We get products categorized for you perfectly.

Extract Data From PDF

Human intelligence is improved by our inventions. This helps in building optical character recognition models. You can easily get your relevant data or data of interest extracted and annotate certain areas for future extraction or validation of the existing data.

Data Deduplication

Make your business more fluent and efficient with our solutions that can clean the unnecessary data and verify any kind of data to perfectly assist in all your business needs. Products are matched with accurate names to eradicate redundancy from data and improve and verify correctness in the data. We offer you highly customizable platform so that you get the end product just the way you want it to be.

Become a part of our company and make the most of your data with our reliable and efficient data reinforcement and categorization services.