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Video Object Tracking

What is Video Object Tracking?

Video Object Tracking is the process of detecting an object or objects during its movement in a video. There are multiple applications of object tracking like video editing, tracking faces, traffic control, human-computer interaction, surveillance and security etc. Other than this, we ensure object detection in case an object moves out of the boundary of the frame. Multiple object tracking can be easily done with our well-trained and efficient algos.

We provide best-in class video object tracking services that enable machines to give quick and accurate results. Reliable results are produced by the perfect algorithms trained by us keeping in mind the users’ preferences. There are three different sections in which object tracking in a video can be done. These are: initial object detection, ID assigning to unique objects and tracking the objects across frames.

Features of Video Object Tracking

Multiple features are covered under video object tracking. We try to make the best of our services delivered to you in the right way. We don’t go by what we hear. Rather, we follow the tried and tested algorithms for the required results. Our motion model detects the objects accurately and even labels it with a unique ID.

Use Cases

The use cases section is focused on the services provided by us. The use cases of video object tracking include these features:

Video annotations

We offer you many video annotation services. With our high quality tech tools, we aim to deliver the best videos by annotating them. On providing us a video, we skillfully convert it into a set of frames in perfect pixels. Video is reconstructed by us on completion of the annotation. All you need to do is to provide us the video URL or link and you’re good to go. We ensure to deliver the annotated result as per your expectations. We make sure not to disappoint you at any cost when you join our services.

Steady Object Tracking

We have an efficient steady object tracking tool that is powered by our machine learning models. This helps in successfully labeling all the objects in more than 1000 videos in less time. Manual automation includes object annotation in the first frame and then following objects in the frame as they move on. Object tracking accuracy depends on annotator’s accuracy. Each object is relabeled by the object tracking tool as these are moved through the video.

Customizable System

Based on your requirements, we provide you solutions related to customization of classes and creating a hierarchical system. Multiple instances have also been provided by us to deliver you the freedom to label whatever you want to. All the data, images etc. are organized perfectly without missing any object.

All these features and services are delivered to you at the right time according to your expectations without letting you miss out on any object located within the image frame. Every step is taken carefully to ensure the possible best services with the best skills of our smart builders and tech tools available with us.