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Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is the ability of machines to take spoken input and act accordingly. When you talk to your computer, phone or any device, you’re using speech recognition technology. The implementation of this technology with the help of AI has reduced the efforts of inputting the command by typing, clicking and selecting. We can see clear examples of speech recognition in Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Echo etc. that translates words to text and performs actions accordingly.

Webtunix capably works on speech recognition services for you with its experienced team of developers. Many applications have been developed by our experts for multiple areas like military, healthcare, robotics etc. Here’s why you should use speech recognition:

Why is Speech Recognition Important?

Speech recognition has multiple real-world applications. One of the notable features of this technology is that devices and their actions can be controlled through speech or voice. You can get anything done in less time that is usually consumed by typing. You can get a complete document done faster by just speaking. All your dictation (grammatical or spelling errors) solutions are also solved as you don’t need to type.

Webtunix develops smart speech recognition systems that are perfectly compatible with the services you provide. Our systems are capable of easily understanding your words or speech. Giving your business an easy outlook, it also makes customers or user’s experience enriching. Along with these features, some points are listed below:

Features of Speech Recognition

  • Flexibility in getting things done
  • Accessibility from multiple devices
  • Less scope of errors
  • Easy communication
  • Simplification in tedious work
  • Secure information transmission
  • Faster document turnaround

Advantages of Hiring Speech Recognition Services from Webtunix

  • Exceptional Customer Experience: Our company goes beyond the traditional methods to serve your customers in a better way. Customer’s experiences, preferences and interests are analyzed from the data received through speech inputs. When customer’s get services done with just speech, a better customer experience is promised.
  • Call Center or Front Office operations: On hiring our speech recognition services, you get optimization in front office performance by evaluating customer-facing staff productivity and organizing targeted training for employees.
  • Reduction in Expenses: Our speech recognition services help companies achieve higher performance and minimize expenses. New opportunities for cost savings are also offered by us to ensure you achieve more in less.
  • New Opportunities: We ensure companies to open up new opportunities for them with our smart speech recognition models. Voice approach offers interactive communication sessions for all users.

Webtunix provides services to enhance efficiency in your management. We offer speech recognition and processing services with the perfect use of tech tools and techniques for digital speech coding, text-to-speech synthesis, automatic speech recognition and spoken language dialog systems up to the satisfaction of our customers.