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Data Analytics

The concept of data analytics and big data is not new. Big data is too much information for any human data analyst. Data analytics includes extracting the useful information from the data by building all possible relations among various data. This makes big data to appear even bigger. We, at Webtunix AI, understand the importance of data analytics and providing the solution in the field of data analytics consulting service.

Business intelligence software as a service in data analytics has helped in managing big data better. Consider a situation where you have to collect a huge amount of data which itself is a cumbersome and time taking process. Then, you begin to dive deep into the data to get the insight of data by correlating the data, crunching numbers and understanding the pattern of the data. The data thus obtained helps business in taking decisions. But due to a time taking process, businesses want more speedy solutions.

Machine Learning Algorithm has come up as a solution to the problem. But first, what is machine learning? Machine Learning is used to train machines by feeding them datasets and making algorithms that enable machines in problem-solving and decision making. Machine Learning algorithms can improve over time as they have the ability to learn from past experience. Webtunix AI is a data analytics consulting service provider in India providing solutions in machine learning applications.

Characteristics of Data :

Data has following three characteristics :

1. Volume : Data is collected from a large number of sources online and offline. The more the volume of good quality data the better it is. Sometimes storing and managing this amount of data becomes difficult.

2. Velocity : Velocity means the rate at which data is generated. It deals with determining how fast the data is generated from various sources through the real world, online and offline. The flow of data is huge for large organizations.

3.Variety : Data is available in many formats like text, images, videos, emails, offline document records and online sources. Data in various formats accounts to the variety of data.

Importance of Data Analytics :

Data analytics consulting service providers helps in finding the solutions for the problems like cost reduction, time-saving and lowering the risk in decesion making. By combining data analytics and machine learning, businesses can gain a lot by :

  • Risk management and calculating potential risk causes.
  • Determining causes of failure in policies of businesses and eliminating the causes in future.
  • Time-to-time offers for the customers based on their purchases.
  • Detecting any fraudulent activity using cross-checking of data.

AI Machine Learning algorithm’s importance in Data analytics :

Use of Machine Learning in Governance :
We are helping Governments to take better decisions by building better data analytics tools and business intelligence softwares. The big data analytics in governance is different from that of the businesses in terms of goals. The main goals of governance are sustainable development, security of basic rights, maximum outreach among the voters, the study of voter’s attitude and behavior, policy-making and many more. Decision makers in businesses are limited. But this is not the case with the Government. Different ministries are handled by different ministers. Moreover, collection and sharing of data from different ministries is also a paramount task for the governments. Webtunix AI is a business intelligence software company that has helped the governments in policy making.

Forecasting Future Trends :
Webtunix AI is a data analytics consulting service provider in India that has helped in forecasting the future trends. Machine Learning in big data is helping in interconnecting machines with big databases making them learn new things on their own. Analyzing big data using AI machine learning algorithms helps organizations in forecasting the future trend in the market. For example, if an AC manufacturing company can analyze the demand of AC in the next year by combining big data and machine learning algorithms, it can predict future sales. This can be done by predicting the weather conditions, competition, and demand for the product in the market.

Workforce :
Webtunix AI’s Machine Learning alhorithms in big data analytics has helped in improving the nature of the workforce. One of the major concern that people are having is that it will decrease the workforce as most of the work will be done by AI machines and robots. But this is not true. As we know that machines lack emotions and sentiments, they will always require a human factor involvement. The human can analyze the market conditions in various parts of the world. While machines can only perform according to the algorithms only.

Better solutions for Machine Learning Companies :
AI and machine learning are constantly evolving. But we are still lacking good machine learning consulting companies, as solutions are complex. With big data, business intelligence software and machine learning, the software consulting companies are able to create better solutions that too in the stipulated timeframe. This will further boost the AI market giving rise to market adoption.

Global Diversification of Machine Learning :
With the advancements in new technologies and increase in production rate, the price of AI machines will be decreased. This will lead to the global adoption of AI machines. As there is a huge difference in culture, religion, language, political affiliations AI machines have to be trained differently. Thus, by training the machine learning with big data, we can reach the global market that too without hurting the sentiments of people. Webtunix AI is a business intelligence software company in India that is providing solutions to not only the local organizations but also the overseas organizations.

Data Analytics in Healthcare :
There is an abundance of data in the healthcare sector. With the help of big data and machine learning, patterns of diseases can be recognized. This will help in identifying the disease at an early stage. Also, it will help in developing new medicines. It also helps in managing the data of individual data pertaining to his past health reports, lab reports, and diseases etc. This will give a better insight into the health of the patient. Webtunix AI has provided solutions in the healthcare too that has revolutionized the current scenerio of the healthcare.

Data is changing the way we live. The impact of big data cannot be ignored. Big data is affecting our lives in direct or indirect manner. The amount of data is increasing every day and we definitely have to manage more data than we are managing today. For this new and advanced systems have to be developed using business intelligence software solutions. Machine learning algorithms are helping businesses to manage big data. More and more businesses are becoming aware of the criticality of the data. As the better analysis of data has improved the strategy and decision-making process of the businesses. Webtunix AI has helped many organizations to get better insight from the history or past data.