Natural Processing Language (NLP)

Sentiment Analysis

Our sentiment analysis solutions provide accurate results which traditional sentiment solutions cannot provide. This is because our human in the loop approach allows you to tailor every step of the process. Our solutions go beyond the simple sentiment analysis and also provide you the intent behind the sentiments.

Entity Recognition

Our platform comes with accurate and precise Names Entity recognition tasks with better quality controls. It can identify the parts of speech, classify proper nouns or any other important requirement for your project. Just create your custom interrelated classes and our platform will do rest of the work.

Intent Classification

Intent classification plays a major role when it comes to training and designing chatbots, virtual assistants and other human-machine interaction systems. Our human in the loop approach creates the training data which helps in better understanding the intent behind the conversation.

Text Categorization

Research Infinite Solution can help you to categorize any type of data. Whether you are looking to simplify a complex article or detect spam in the emails, our platform can simply do the work for you.

Extract data from PDF

Our platform improves human intelligence to build optical character recognition models. You can extract the data of interest for the PDFs and annotate those areas for the future extraction or validating the existing data.

Extract information using NLP

Sometimes you need to understand the subject, context or the topic of a text. Our information extraction platform is a great way to do that. We can classify the sections of the documents and highlight the important points or identify the section of texts that are important for you.