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Human And Computer Vision

Webtunix provides apt computer vision AI and image processing services. Our human and computer vision services allow you to make the most of the AI world. We create smart computer vision applications as per your requirements.

Image Classification

In our image classification service, a human, animal or anything like object or even a document gets labeled accurately and quickly with our finest machine learning algorithms. Feature generation and image clustering algorithms are also implemented by us to provide high-quality image classification services. We make sure you drive in various benefits in your business with our image classification services focused on increasing customer engagement, automating industries, effective advertising etc.

Object Detection

Our advanced-level object detection solutions include ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) that enable cars to detect driving lanes, ensuring drivers’ and pedestrians’ safety. Multiple tools for line labels, polygons, quality checks and bounding boxes are used to ensure accurate labeling and efficient detection results. Various applications of object detection include self-driving cars, tracking objects, face detection, face recognition, iris verification, feature extraction, activity extraction etc.

Object Tagging

We are there to provide you with best solutions related to identification of multiple classes and instances of certain objects. Our annotators work perfectly in selecting the class from the relation created by you and labeling each instance as per your instructions or requirements. Our rich platform is capable of supporting hundreds of classes and labeling your images with precision. Our object tagging is capable of benefitting you and your business in many ways.

Semantic Segmentation

We specify the areas of images with pixel precision in our semantic segmentation services. Our services expand to the arena of autonomous vehicles like self-driving cars and medical image diagnosis which definitely saves a lot of time and efforts of radiologists. In geographical image analysis clear aerial images obtained help segment different types of land. Semantic segmentation tools created by us also performs automated land mapping efficiently.

Video object tracking

With our video object tracking tool, you can boost up the machine learning model to label a large number of videos in a faster way than human annotators. Comparing it with human annotation, ML enabled annotation is much quicker, accurate and stays persistent in its performance. Despite multiple frames, it offers the same precision every time. We use the best approaches for your entire video object tracking solutions.

Landmark Tagging

Our landmark tagging tool enables easy facial recognition. The dots and labels are placed with perfection to let machines effortlessly identify the landmarks on the object. Models are trained on key points in multiple classes from your set of interrelated points to deliver top-notch results every time. Our experts provide best in-class landmark tagging services and solutions to meet all your business requirements.