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Chatbot Development

Chatbots are built using artificial intelligence algorithms. Chatbots can interact with the human and are able to simulate the human conversation. Chatbots have found applications in fields where interacting with humans is of prime concern. Natural language processing and machine learning algorithms enable chatbots to understand the meaning behind the sentences. Webtunix AI is a chatbot development company that is helping businesses in building chatbot applications.

The various advantages of using Chatbots are :

  • They can effectively answer the customer queries.
  • They can build the brand awareness among the audience.
  • They can help you boost your sales.
  • They are available 24/7 at the customer service.
  • They can convert leads into customers.
  • They can keep the customer engaged and guide the customer through your website.

At Webtunix AI, we are building chatbot applications that are helping our clients in human interaction and customer support staff.

Define Goals :
Before building the Chatbot application for business, we have to make sure that what do we want from the chatbot. We have to define your goals and expectations from that chatbots. We do not try to make your chatbot master every task. Rather, we design chatbot in such a way that it can master one task with full capability rather than designing the chatbot that can perform a hundred tasks but none with efficiency. So, we try to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Desining the Conversation :
The best technique to design a chatbot conversation is making use of flowcharts. Chatbots developers have to look at all possible dimensions in the real scenario, the conversation can take any path. After making flow charts, the chatbots are tested online by asking them difficult questions or questions that humans can ask in the real scenario. The response of chatbot is noted and further improvement is done in the algorithm.

Make the Conversation Natural :
At Webtunix AI, we program the chatbots aplications for businesses to be more natural. The chatbots should be designed such that the conversation looks natural to the user. The user should not feel that he is talking to a machine. We make chatbot such that it can understand the queries asked and respond quickly. It should encourage the user to ask more queries. This will help in getting more information about the user.

Keeping it Simple :
We keep the Chatbot simple at first. We do not try to add too much functionality or algorithms in the beginning. We design the chatbots in a way that they use simple yet meaningful language. We do not use abbreviations or terminologies that users can't understand. By getting the feedback from our clients, we can make the improved next version with more functionalities and features. Webtunix AI is an Chatbot Development Company in India that has provided many chatbot applications for various organizations.

Evaluating the Performance :
At Webtinix AI, we evaluate the performance of the chatbots at regular interval of time. We analyze how customers are responding to the chatbot by evaluating where they are finding a problem or where they are getting the exact solution. Using customers chat history, we can also note the frequently asked questions and improve the answers of the chatbot. This helps us in improving the chatbot in the next version.

Personalizing the Chatbots :
We make your customers feel special by personalizing the chat. For example, calling the customer by his/her name will give a more personalized experience. Ask them what’s going on or how they are doing! Chatbots appications for business can be made to remember the birthdays, anniversary and other special occasions and greet the user. In this way, the user will feel more connected and engage with the chatbot service. This also helps in improving the brand value of the business.

Keeping Chatbot Ready at Service :
Chatbot must be placed on the website from where is easily accessible. If the customers visit the website, we make chatbot to greet them and welcome them. We make chatbots ask the customers about what they want. We make your chatbot interface easily visible on the website. In this way, the customer is more likely to interact with the chatbots. Webtunix AI is a chatbot development company that is leading the artificial intelligence services in India.

Gather Data form Customers :
Chatbots applications for businesses are a great tool for gathering the data. We ask our clients what they want from the customers and build chatbot application according to their needs. This will help the chatbot to understand the customer much better. E-commerce websites can collect apparel preference, color choices of the clients. This will help chatbots in recommending the clothes for the customers. A customer gets a good user experience and it also improves the sales of the brand.

Adding One Feature at a Time :
We always try to add the single feature at a time. This not only helps our chatbot development team to focus on one single feature but also the users who can understand the feature properly. Market the new feature of the chatbot and see how people are responding to it. We do not bombard the chatbots with many features at a time. This can hamper the performance of chatbot. Also, users might find it difficult to understand the various features.

Webtunix AI is a chatbot development company that is helping businesses in building chatbot applications according to their needs and requirements. Our team of developers understand the client’s needs better and provide them with a powerful solution to the problems. Our chatbot development experts handle project based on deep learning and AI who are able to design, train, deploy neural network and image processing using feature extraction.