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Sports have taken a new and exciting turn with AI’s application in the playground. AI in sports is adding more sophistication in the sportspersons’ lives with real-time feedback, personalized training regimens and hi-tech devices for keeping track of the physical activity of the players on daily, hourly and even on real-time basis.

Games like tennis, football, basketball, baseball etc. have become more strategic and engaging with the impact of AI’s result prediction, computer vision and chatbots. Better trends are incoming and are praised by people. Webtunix AI offers the following services:

Real-time Sports Result Prediction

Many AI and machine learning algorithms have been successfully implemented by our talented experts for predicting the probability of winning a team against the opponent. This benefits the team management, team players and coaches. We create sports prediction systems that let us know the outcomes of the game while it’s going on or even on the previous day with the perfect accuracy. AI soccer predictions are also done analyzing the previous performance of the teams.

Betting Odds Prediction

Our finest developers develop AI sports betting prediction systems using advanced algorithms based on neural networks, statistics and generic algorithms. We use the best quality algorithms for calculating the betting odds and also recommend the best odds to bet on.

Chatbots for Sports

We offer customized chatbot development services for sports. Our intelligent chatbots answers all the queries related to franchise history, team rosters, current team stats etc. These chatbots communicate effectively with the customers, with an engaging conversation and quick response capabilities.

Data-Driven Analytics

Sports AI companies like Webtunix help in generating data-driven analytics for sports. Data-driven analytics is a beneficial attempt for easing the complications of coaches, team players and management of team. AI assists in identifying patterns and analyzing playing scenarios which brings out the predictive results. Cognitive skill enhancement tools are also developed by AI experts to provide quick and reliable results as per the requirements.