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E-Commerce is a big market and we are trying to push it into something even bigger with our AI services. Much potential has been seen in AI and we are trying to make the most of it with our top-quality algorithms, strategies and experienced and passionate developers. With AI in ecommerce, we provide you the best services to let your businesses achieve their target oriented goals. Our developers create the finest artificial intelligence products to enhance productivity and sales.

Webtunix offers the following AI-powered e-commerce services and solutions for you:

Recommendation Systems: We develop AI based recommendation systems using the best machine learning and deep learning algorithms for predicting the customer’s buying behavior from the historic data collected. Only products with high customer interest are recommended. This enhances the user experience as users don’t have to spend hours in searching for the products of their interest. This also increases the sales of the e-commerce websites.

Optimized Searches: It all starts with a search. If searches are refined, according to the relevant keywords, users tend to use that search engine repeatedly. Or, for searching products, they will look somewhere else. Webtunix offers the most relevant and accurate results with focus on keywords, just to match it with the results or products you’re looking for. This saves consumers’ time in lingering over the internet to meet the right search results.

Better Inventory Management: Efficiency in the inventory management data gets improved with the perfect machine learning algorithms used by our experts. The more use of predictive analytics results in retailers predicting the real-time inventory needs of the business and building products accordingly

Systematic Sales Process: Application of artificial intelligence in e-commerce enables planning of a systematic sales process. The data is gathered by the AI systems to gain powerful insights into the data patterns and processes to improve sales. Deep learning algorithms let the companies identify the interests and choices of the customers. A well-developed AI ecommerce system by Webtunix solves all your e-commerce issues. This makes companies achieve more by hiring targets with the right use of strategies on right time

Advantages of welcoming AI in E-commerce

We cannot ignore the role of artificial intelligence in e-commerce because of the numerous benefits it has to offer to the sector. Here are some of the advantages that AI brings in for the e-commerce sector:

Fraud Risk Management: Machine learning technologies used by the retailers identify the fraudulent and other potential risks over credit card transactions etc. All the real-time risks are not just detected but also the devices and systems get protected with smart AI.

Location Based Intelligence: Site specific decisions and forecasts can be made easily in no time with data and the AI. Whether it is augmented advertising or personalized location based offers, predictive analysis can bring a lot of benefits to customers.

Dynamic pricing: Changing prices manually can be a time-consuming task. With AI, prices of the products get adjusted based on multiple data points like capacity, market conditions, customer demand and behavior etc.