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Video Annotation

Video annotation refers to the information related to video added as a layer to the video. This means the extraction of information from the video automatically. This leads to easy browsing, searching, analyzing, retrieval, comparison and categorization of required content from the video that is available.

Video annotation becomes more challenging than the image annotation. It is because in image annotation the image is stable whereas videos consist of multiple sets of frames or clips moving from one to another. For annotation, these are separated into small series of clips or GIFs. Various objects come and move during the video which makes it difficult to annotate each object with accuracy. Webtunix uses semantic segmentation and bounding boxes technique to perfectly annotate the objects in the video.

Types of Video Annotation

  • Text Annotation: This refers to the way of attaching text to the video. This text can be in any form: note, title, speech bubble, spotlight or labels. Our smart annotators do it exactly the way you want it.
  • Audio Annotation: In this type of annotation, users can modify the audio content and annotate its output.

Why is Video Annotation Important?

Video accessibility is a challenge these days due to numerous websites and a large video content available on these sites. To make it easier, we use video annotation tools that assist you and your systems in getting the video you’re looking for without much effort. Manual video annotation is time consuming and expensive. Webtunix makes smart video annotation tools after considering your project requirements and personal choices. This lets you save time and efforts with excellent annotation done by our expert annotators.

Applications of Video Annotation

Webtunix offers video annotation services for you to let you perfectly meet your project requirements. We do the frame by frame annotation with lines to make the moving things recognizable for machines and computer systems. Here are some of the applications or uses of video annotation services for you:

  • Computer Vision: We develop AI machines and computer systems with best quality video annotation tools for object detection to allow machines to make the right decisions related to recognition and act accordingly. Our experts let your machines achieve accuracy in results with properly annotated machine learning and deep learning systems.
  • Object Tracking for Self-driving cars: Autonomous cars are very much in trend these days with its smart AI powered system. We at Webtunix, annotate videos to enable machines to detect and identify objects in real-time. For driverless cars, it is essential to notice the objects on the road and react accordingly to prevent any damage. We train models with smart annotation tools that let them easily recognize the real, fake as well as dangerous objects.
  • Pose Estimation and Human Activity Tracking: Different human poses are labeled or annotated successfully by our annotators to let machines detect any human activity accurately and offer reliable results. Efficient video annotation tools and techniques are implemented by us to ensure best results for your vehicles and machines.

Benefits You Derive on Hiring Webtunix’s Services

  • Accuracy and Quality: Our experienced and gained clients over years ensure you get the accurate services that are quality assured too.
  • Privacy and security: We never compromise your security. In fact, it comes first to us. High standards of data security are met with full confidence by our team members.
  • calability: Customer satisfaction is our priority and we go the extra mile to achieve it. We know how to meet our every client’s requirements regarding time, quality and personal choices.
  • Cost-effective: You won’t be surprised to find cost effective annotation services delivered on promised time.