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Deep Learning

Deep Learning (DL) is a type of machine learning in which working of the human brain is imitated for data processing and pattern creating that is helpful in decision making. Deep learning has networks capable of learning in an unsupervised way which means unstructured and unlabeled data.

Why is Deep Learning Important?

Generally, big data is drawn from the sources like social media platforms, search engines, e-commerce platforms etc. In unstructured form, it can take decades by humans to extract the useful information from it. Deep learning works on extracting the information from big datasets repeatedly in the perfect matter.

Webtunix performs tasks like classification of text, images and videos as per our customers’ demands. Complex data problems can also be easily solved by the deep learning machines. Accuracy is ensured when you train your machines with deep learning models or algorithms. Not just that, complete safety for your apps is also provided with deep learning. It outperforms humans in multiple manual and repetitive tasks.

Benefits of Hiring our Deep Learning Services

Computer Vision: With Webtunix’s Deep Learning image processing services, smart algorithms developed by our experts can accurately identify, detect, segment and label the faces, trees, buildings, cars etc. objects for smart cars. Even real-time detection and classification is done by our intelligent DL algorithms.

Real-time apps: We develop real-time weather forecast, stock market prediction etc. deep learning applications that manage the large amount of business data and present predictive results smartly on the basis of previously gathered data or current data analysis.

Medical care: Webtunix provides intelligent DL systems that analyze medical data and suggests the proper treatment of diseases. Medical images like radiology, x-ray reports etc. saves doctors’ time and efforts in giving accurate medical reports to the patients. This adds efficiency in the medical care sector.

Chatbots and Service bots: In Webtunix, deep learning as a service offers designing of chatbots based on your company and service requirements. Our bots capably respond to all the queries of your customers and clients resulting in enhanced customer retention for various companies. Intelligent and relevant audio and text responses lead to a richer user experience.

Personalized User Experience: Whether it is a shopping or entertainment website or app, our experienced developers use deep learning to its full potential to improve user experience. Personalized options and customized services focused on customer’s interest are generated with DL for optimized results for your businesses.

Deep Learning Algorithms We Use

In Webtunix, we use the following Deep Learning AI algorithms to successfully accomplish our project goals:

Tensor Flow It is an open source library that uses flow graphs of data for numerical computation. This algorithm is flexible in terms of deployment in more than one CPU, servers or mobile devices.

Torch: This framework built by a quick scripting language like C and LuaJIT, is easier to use and efficient than other frameworks.

Theano: We use this Python library that easily defines, evaluates and optimizes the mathematical expressions. C implementation related problems over big data are quickly resolved with Theano.