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How Artificial Intelligence is going to Revolutionize the Food Industry

Artificial intelligence has taken the food industry by storm. The food industry is vast and it has a low margin of profit. This has pushed the food processing industry to find new ways to improve the efficiency and margin of profit. Due to this reason, food processing industries are moving towards artificial intelligence for the solution to the problem.

People also have become more choosy than ever. They want the best food for their tastebuds that too at an affordable price. The food must be delicious healthy and ready to eat. To meet the expectations of customers, the food industry is taking the help of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has improved the ways how the food items are produced, packed, sorted and marketed.

Consumers are willing to pay more for the better quality and hygienic food. This has pushed the food industry to provide better quality food products. The automation in the food industry has led to faster processing of the food items resulting in improving the sales and profits of the food industry.

Now, let us have a look how Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the food industry.

Artificial intelligence in sorting

Sorting is one of the biggest challenge faced by the food industry. The raw material i.e. fruits vegetables are needed to be sorted before feeding into the plant. For example, every orange, potato, the tomato is different from the other. A food processing plant must be able to sort millions of fruits and vegetables on the basis of weight shape, appearance, and color. In earlier days, all of the sortings was done by manual labor. This was a time consuming and recursive task. Artificial intelligence applications have helped in automating the sorting process for the food processing industry. For example, potatoes can be sorted on the basis of their shape and size that is suitable for making chips or french fries.

AI in Food Safety

Artificial intelligence applications have also helped in the food safety. Food is directly related to the health of the people. So, it is necessary that the food industry takes good care of food safety precautions. Artificial intelligence technology is helping hotels and restaurants in object recognition and facial recognition. The kitchen cameras allow to keep a watch on individuals whether they are wearing masks, hair protection etc while working or not. Any violation can be detected in real time. Also, AI applications are helping in keeping a check over cleanliness and hygiene while food processing. Any adulteration in the food or using low-quality raw materials can also be detected. This has helped in improving the quality of eatables.

Improved cleanliness

Cleanliness plays a very vital role in the food processing industry. Artificial intelligence applications make sure that the food processing equipment is cleaned properly. It has also helped in cleaning the equipment that saves money, time and labor required for these operations. The traditional methods of cleaning are very time consuming and less effective methods for the cleaning of food storing equipment. The sensors placed inside them can detect whether the equipment is cleaned properly. Ultrasonic sensing and optical imaging feeds data into AI algorithms and detects the microbial remains in the equipment.

Innovating new products

The food industry has to be unique and innovative in making new and improved food items. Every food item can be given a different taste by slightly changing the ingredients or the recipe. Companies can offer a variety of options in the same product by tweaking in flavors, spices, a method of preparation. Companies have to figure out what is the need of the customers. This is the biggest challenge for the food industry and they are turning towards artificial intelligence for the judgment. For example, Coca-cola has installed self-service soft drink machines. Individuals can customize their drinks using these machines. The user preference data from these machines is helpful in knowing the taste of the consumers.

Helping Consumers to make Choices

Artificial intelligence applications are also helping the consumers to decide what ingredients should they add to make their food item taste better. These suggestions are based on the past experience of the machine learning algorithms. This data is collected from the customer feedback and reordering patterns. This data source is also helping the companies to decide on the best ingredients and recipes for the food items. In this way, consumers get more personalized experience and more choices in their food items.


Artificial intelligence service has completely revolutionized the food and beverage industry. Automation of the tasks has led to speed up the processes. As the food industry has to deal with perishable goods that can decay quickly, they need to be processed at a faster rate. Artificial intelligence research has improved the working of the machines in the food industry. AI is helping to know the taste of consumers better and customizing the products. Webtunix AI is an artificial intelligence software company that is helping the food industry in improving their food processing operations. We listen to the problems faced by the clients and suggest the best solutions for their problems and implement them. If you too want to incorporate the artificial intelligence application in your organization, feel free to contact us.